Work today…

I finally have the new freezer door seal for the second kegerator. Now its a matter of putting it back together again. Once it is up and running I will at least have a lagering unit for a bit. Next step for this will be the CO2 tank for carbonating/dispensing.

After some consideration I have decided that I will be naturally carbonating the Saison. I still have some champagne bottles that I will be using for this. Eventually, I will be moving into Belgian style bottles and corking more of my Belgique (can I use that as a descriptor?) styles. It will probably take a bit of experimenting with my corker but I think I might be able to do it.

I am also moving into the final stages of the mead now. My next step will be to clarify. I will be using some wine clarifier to hopefully clean it up and have it ready for bottling next week. This will have given the mead roughly three weeks on oak. I am so ready to see how this one has turned out.

Coming up…
I am planning to expand the brewery a bit more so I will be able to brew up some sours. This expansion will also allow me a bit more room to do more than one mead a year. A couple cases of mead just isn’t enough to make it through.

And now its time for a pint …

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