Transfers and other such nonsense…

I managed to get a bit of work done earlier today. Transfers being an important bit of it. My darker Belgian is now conditioning and I am ready for it to be ready for drinking. It finished out at about 6.75% and the flavor is still strongly reminisent of oranges. I also put the Saison in secondary. Its sitting at 4% and seems lite and drinkable. Should be a very refreshing beer when it is finished. It does seem odd that I am making what would seem like hot weather beers for the fall.

Now with fall in mind, I am planning to start this years cider sometime around this coming weekend. I do believe that this one will be aged with a touch of oak (a slight move away from the current recipe). As always something to look forward to.

I have now added oak to the mead. I am that much closer to bottling the beast. I also picked up a corker so I have my own power to bottle the meads properly. It does feel good to have gotten another piece of equipment I have been wanting for the expansion out of the way. I do have a number of other odds and ends that need to be acquired but every little bit gets me closer to being done again.

And now for an important piece of info. Make sure you clean your faucets on a regular basis. I started the day by tearing mine apart and doing a deep clean on them. One thing I will say about this is … wow, they sure was ugly. I feel much better now knowing that they sparkle at least for a little while again. But damn the amount of nasty that accumulates in there is in simple terms “icky.”

Now, its time for a pint…

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