What Can I break this time…

Earlier today I had a moment of enlightenment. Looking at the way the seal is attached I realized that it may be possible to flip the seal over and it might work as it was originally intended. What is this rubbish I am referring to you ask? The seal for the freezer for the kegerator I am doing the build out on needs to be replaced. I have decided to try my free options first before I invest in a new seal. If nothing else I need to remove the seal any way to put the new one on when I pick it up.

If you have never actually removed the rubber seal on a fridge or freezer I will tell you now, it actually isn’t that difficult. The real issue is the extreme number of screws the manufacturers use to ensure that the seal goes no where. Looking at what I have now, I may actually leave the door pockets off, and only use the main freezer when I get it back up and running again.

The bottom of the seal was actually pretty ugly. After soaking and cleaning it does appear to be fairly good still. Perchance it was solely the nasty that kept it from sealing correctly, or maybe the nasty was simply a symptom of the problem of a bad seal. I will find out soon.

In other news, I am working on the yeast starter for the Saison I will be brewing in a few days time. As I have mentioned my plan is to do a decoction mash (though I am not sure how intensive yet) plus I will be doing some candi sugar for this beer. I haven’t settled on what hops I plan for this beer as yet. I am leaning toward some saaz or a similar hop though. Perchance I may step out on a limb and use an extreme American hop. I think I shall leave it up to chance and see what jumps out at me when I go to the shop.

And now, its beer time…

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