Current Happenings…

I will be transferring the Dark Belgian in just a little bit today.  As always, I am met with the excitement of not really knowing what to expect from the first tasting.  Considering the differing techniques and such I have been playing with, everything is up in the air now. 

For my next brew day, I will be brewing a Saison.  I am not yet certain of the final recipe for this one yet, but I will be doing a decoction mash for it.  I am still not happy with the results I have been getting from the Lager malts.  I hope that this in turn produces a higher yield than what I have been getting.  The bonus is adding more to my brewing repertoire. 

And now for the big news of the day.  The results are in from the Michigan Ren Faire.  Dirty Rotten Scoundrel won a gold in the European Amber Lager category.  And then in the best of festival categories it took third in the Amber beer category.  Pretty good wins to end my contest season with I think. 

I think it might be time for a pint…

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