The oddity of flavors…

I don’t know about anyone else, but I grew up in a world of big three breweries and foreign beers.  No one really knew how to care for beer and heaven forbid … beers were happily bottled in green glass without a thought to the affect it would have on the finished product.  I grew up with the assumption that certain beers were meant to have a certain amount of skunkiness to them. 

It wasn’t until we came into this new renaissance that we find out there are certain ways to care for beer to protect the flavors that the brewers intended.  Ya know the sad part of this… certain beers are now so ingrained in our taste memory that to find them properly cared for actually takes away from the taste experience. 

I have had Grolsch properly cared for.  And sadly, I find it lacks a certain something that a well skunked Grolsch brings to the table.  I remember the same thing with Moosehead out of Canada. 

Possibly in a few years we will find that there are people who do not know the effects of a properly skunked beer.  At the same time, there will be those of us who tend to miss the old days when it was ok to drink a beer that may not be exactly what was intended but the poor handling created something that went beyond anything originally intended….


Lets find a pint and commence to drinking…

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