I poured an ESB and a half tonight.  Yes, the moment I have been patiently waiting for finally happened.  It was in the middle of pouring my second ESB that the keg finally blew.  This in turn opens up some space to put the Kolsch on to carbonate.  Guess what I will be doing tomorrow…

In kegerator news, I gained some insight to a few snags I have encountered on the build-out.  I spent a few minutes talking to a refridgeration specialist recently and confirmed my suspicions that a problem I already knew existed is actually a bigger (though easily fixed) problem than I thought. 

I knew the door seal on the freezer was bad when I picked up the fridge.  But I did not realize that the bad seal would cause the fridge itself to maintain a constant temperature poorly.  My current concern is that the kolsch turns out.  The past few weeks I don’t think it maintained a good temp throughout the conditioning process.  The beer should be ok, but I don’t think it will have gained as much of the lagerlike qualities that I originally hoped it would.  Once the kolsch is out of the new fridge and carbing in the current kegerator, I will be unplugging the new one to save wear and tear on the motor.  At least until I can get the new door seal.

I will be brewing a modified version of the Belgian double this weekend.  Some changes will be made and the new recipe will be posted when I brew again.  I am anxious to get this one going.  I am hoping to end up with a darker, richer beer than the original double. 

Now then, I think this all calls for a pint.  I have mine, do you have yours?

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