Kegerator Platform

Here are some pics from the build out so far.  Looking at what I have so far I can already see a couple modifications I will be making tomorrow. 


This is a pic of the various pieces before assembly.


A shot from the interior.  It is definitely getting closer to done.


Another shot, this one showing where the carboy will fit into the set up.  The corny kegs will sit on top of the platform and the CO2 tank will sit on top of the block in the back. 

I am still a little bit from completion but getting closer all the time.  Sunday (tomorrow) I will be making a few adjustments as well as putting in the CO2 lines and regulator. 


Time for a pint, I am thinking first taste of the Belgian double…


2 thoughts on “Kegerator Platform

  1. The pics of your set-up remind me of Susan’s story when her dad’s home brew exploded. Have you ever had one of your batches do that?

    • (knock on wood) I have never had a batch explode. I have had a couple batches that were over-carbonated though. Both of those batches had quite a bit of pressure built up and came out of the bottle super fast if you did not prepare for it.

      The advantage of reading quite a bit about a subject is learning through the mistakes of others. For the most part I have avoided having big explosions like that because other people have had those explosions and I have learned from what they have done.

      Lessons are learned through our own mistakes. Free lessons are learned through the mistakes of others.

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