Kegerator Build-out

I have started the build-out on the second kegerator now.  Mind you, I am working it a bit at a time.  The current build is on the support system to hold the kegs up.  This week I have spent my free time cutting the boards that will form the base.  All I have left to do now is pick up the brackets and then piece it all together. 

I plan to have some pics up in the next couple days showing the various pieces of this part of the assembly and of course the completed support system.  So far this set up has proven to be a bit more complex than my original kegerator (lookie me, I be a carpenter now). 

In beer news, I will be taking the Kolsch to secondary tomorrow.  This will end up being the first beer to be lagered within the new set up in the kegerator.  Course, it will be in secondary during the final build of this portion of the kegerator.  After this portion is done all I should need to pick up is a co2 tank and I will be able to condition inside this one.  For a bit the beer in this one will be tapped with picnic taps. 

Its now beer time, lets go find a pint…

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