I’m the Man…

If you haven’t noticed, I tend to correlate music and beer/ brewing quite often.  Recently, I was listening to some stuff I haven’t pulled out in while.  Isn’t it interesting how often you might forget how much you really like something till it is right there in front of you again. 

But I digress, “I’m the Man” from Anthrax struck a chord with me recently.  The lyrics sent me down a road to really think about sell outs and staying true to yourself.  Here we now find us lost in my thoughts.   Bear with me as I try to recollect my thoughts.

Anthrax was a Rap/Metal band back at a time when such a thing didn’t really exist.  They with a few others of the time defined a whole new genre of music.  Maybe you don’t know who they are, but they started a ripple that carries on even now. 

In the world of beer today there are a few who are blazing new trails.  My personal taste rarely goes for there brews but its obvious that they are still turning the beer world on its ear.  Maybe these breweries will be ones that slowly slip into obscurity.  But then at the same time the ripple in the wort that they have created may still affect us far into the future. 

Enough of this, lets find us a pint…


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