Brew Day (finally)

Yeps, its true.  I am finally back at it again.  As I write this I am in the chilling process for the Koelsch (one day I may settle on the correct spelling).  Sadly, I never did get any brews out at all during the month of July (the month de suck as mentioned previously). 

Already I am feeling that August is going to be a great month beer and brewery wise.  I am getting closer to setting up the second kegerator, as well as brewing already.  Although I don’t have fully realized plans for my next brew day, I do have some thoughts and am quite certain they will come to fruition. 

Now then, tonight, what a difference a properly calibrated thermometer makes.  Working with my spreadsheet I set up for multi-step infusions, I was much closer to my targets than I have been previously.  I am anxious to see how this brew turns out for its initial gravity.  Mind you, I am still working on getting the amount of sparge water needed a bit closer to the actual.  But tonight I was fairly close to spot on ( I dare say a victory to be had). 

Here is the formula (I did follow my pattern of learning some new hops here as well):


9lbs Pilsner Malt

1lb Vienna Malt

.75 oz Tradition hop (60 min)

.25 oz Tradition hop (30 min)

.5 oz Tradition hop  (20 min)

.5 oz Tradition hop (5 min)

Irish moss (20 min)

WLP 029 White Labs Kolsch yeast

Infusion schedule:

acid rest of 110 Degrees (20 min)

initial infusion 144 degrees (40 min)

final infusion 154 degrees (20 min)

mash out at 160 degrees

And now, its time for a pint while I wait for wort to chill…

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