In the Mornin, I’m makin waffles…

So it would seem that July is definitely not my month for beer related activities.  On Sunday, the plan was to bottle the Lavender Mash, keg the Belgian Double, and brew the Koelsch (I just noticed recently that there is an E in there … mind you I can never spell anything anyway).  Despite my Sunday obstacles, I did manage to bottle.  Of course, I used up my entire stock of bottle caps so all I could bottle was the Lavender. 

Earlier in the day my wife had managed to slam her thumb while folding up our ladder.  Sure it was sore but she was taking pain pills.  Well that is until around 8pm when we figured that we should head to the hospital when she still couldn’t bend it.  Luckily, they could not find a break but by the time we got home, it was past time to brew.  I will now be brewing on Wednesday this week.  I will also finally keg the Belgian then too. 

Patti (she who provided the lavender) got her 6 pack last night.  She was quite pleased with the finished product.  Really in the end it was a decent beer (not my beer, but still).  The lavender is incredibly dominant but there is a nice herbal, spicy hop note that creeps into the background. 

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