Up and Running

I was finally able to pick up a new CO2 tank earlier today.  The best part of this, was being able to get a first sample of the fully carbed Dirty Rotten Scoundrel. 

DRS turns out to be quite tasty.  The pepper comes across as a taste enhancer more than something that stands out.  I do believe that the next time I brew this I may up the dose of pepper to see how much it changes the flavor profile.  In the end though, the malt profile comes across as caramel and rich.  There is a light floral, and spicy hop note, but in the end it is a good union of hops and malt to form a very drinkable beer. 

Tomorrow I will be brewing up the Kolsch (though still not entirely certain how I will end up hopping it).  I will also be bottling the Lavender Mash. 

Coming up I will be working on building the platform for the second kegerator.  I will also be kegging the Belgian. 

Alas, it is now time for a pint … perchance a DRS calls me at this time.

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