Music and brewing…

This seems to be a common theme with me.  For someone who isn’t really musically inclined (ya, I used to play the tuba over 25 years ago and I tried learning the harmonica, don’t forget singing off key), I tend to relate much of my life to music. 

I was watching Spectacle, a show hosted by Elvis Costello from the Sundance channel (I so love Netflix).  The episode I was watching was the interview with Lou Reed.  Sadly, I think many will have no clue who he is anymore.  Lou Reed was in a band called the Velvet Underground quite some time ago.  This is a band that is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  You can feel their influence even now in much of the music we all listen too (though you may not realize it).  But I digress…

Watching this interview I drew correlations to beer and my life (surprise surprise).  When you look at much of Lou Reeds solo work its very simple and straight forward (and usually pretty dark).  Imagine where we would be without the song “Walk on the Wild Side.”  Think about the last really great beer you had.  Not the one that was gimmicky, but the one that really blew your mind and made you think about what it was you had in your hand.  I am willing to bet it was a classically styled beer that was both simple and complex at the same time.  There was just something about that beer that really made you stop and think. 

So often we run across breweries that are trying all sorts of trickery (funky ingredients or obscene amounts of some ingredient) to try and stand out from everyone else.  It’s a case of hipsterism. Yes you are different, just like everybody else.  Give me a brewer/brewery that is willing to push the envelope in creating something that is perfectly executed with no gimmicks or trickery, and you will see a brewery that is truly unique and cutting edge. 

I am not sure if I stayed on point there, but what ever… Its time for a pint…

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