And here we go…

July has been an interesting month.  As of late I have been away too long, only able to post about once a week.  But soon it should all be changing. 

So (this is only slightly beer and brewery related) within the past two weeks my bike has been out of commission (no brakes) and my car is now at the shop.  This means no runs to anywhere beer related as its been enough of a hassle just to get everyone here back and forth to work and such. 

I am running low on CO2 so I am not yet able to bottle (no way to get a new tank currently).  And I have been doing routine maintenance to make sure I get quality brews (new primary and of course need more propane soon).  But the good news, I finally got the brakes done on the bike so I will be brewing this weekend. 

I am planning either a kolsch or a pilsner.  Most likely it will be a kolsch, ready in time for Indian summer in September and October. 

Time for a pint…

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