The life of beer

As many of us already know, good beer and good wine are living things.  Many times I like to savor the changes a beer goes through as it ages, especially the changes of my own beers. 

I noticed recently that I still had a 12 pack left of Autumn’s wheat.  In the spirit of needing to empty bottles (I am sure I need them for something), I have been making an effort to finish off the last of it.  In this process I noticed some interesting affects to the beer as it has aged.  The beer has gone from a citrusy pale ale wheat to now something a bit more akin to a Belgian Style wheat.  I pick up a bit more clove like flavors and banana and even a bit of candied orange.  Of course the hoppy is still there but now almost as an after thought. 

Maybe we should think on this as we do some side by side comparisons.  Or maybe its just time for a pint. 

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