Lilja’s Hop Nest Monster

I recently did a sampling of Lilja’s Hop Nest Monster from Pangaea Beers.  As always one of those beers I love to find, something new to my area.  The fun part… Pangaea hails to us from Wisconsin of all places.  Wisconsin has such a rich brewing history, its great to see new stuff coming out of there. 

First off, I really like the brewery’s website.  The personality of their site really reflects the personality of the beer.  They describe the beer as a primordial extra pale IPA.  The first thing you notice in the flavor is the pungent resiny hops.  Shortly after your taste buds become accustomed to this assault a bit more of the floral hops come through. 

Overall, it isn’t a bad beer.  But at the same time, to me, it wasn’t really a spectacular beer either.  The hops are decent if that is all you seek in a beer.  For my tastes though there wasn’t quite enough complexity for me to keep interest for more than one beer. 

One thought on “Lilja’s Hop Nest Monster

  1. Yeah. I wasn't real impressed with "Heifer Weizen" either. If they spent as much time on the beer as they did joking around and listing inside jokes on the label, they'd probably have a much better finished product.

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