Busy Day

We spent the day today moving the “Brewery” from one part of the basement into a different part.  Essentially, I have now doubled the amount of space I originally had.  The best part, I now have the beginnings of my own pub. 

The Pub

Although it still seems overly crowded, it really is much bigger than this pic shows off.  The part I really like, I now have a table (debating on if I want to put in an actual bar counter or not).  The advantages of the table are, now I have a work surface for when I bottle and I also have a spot for entertaining.  I plan to eventually add in a TV with an Xbox (gotta love some games and netflix).  I am shooting for a true pub feel.  The table allows for board games or the occasional air hockey when I bring out the air hockey table.  Of course, when I add in the rest of the taps it will be next to perfect. 


Lets find us a pint and reflect on the day …

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