Brew Day Belgian Tripel

The day has come.  I will be brewing the Belgian Style Tripel in just a short bit.  I am currently doing some prep work before I start heating brewing liquor. 

I will again be doing a multi rest infusion for this beer (I think this will be my main mash style for a while yet).  My current plan is a acid rest around 110 then step up to roughly 144 for roughly 30 minutes and then 158 for another 30 minutes.  Mash out will be roughly 168.  In order to get as much wort as possible I will be going back into my original sparge method and washing the grain (not sure if that’s the proper term). 

Something new for this beer, I made my own “candi sugar.”  I used a French method for making caramel (also outlined in the book “Radical Brewing” by Randy Mosher).  It is a light caramel color with a much better flavor than normal sugar.  In the process I took it to 300 degrees before I transferred it to a foil lined pan to cool.  It has now set up nicely and is easily breakable for adding to the boil kettle.  As easy as this method is, I will be using it from this point on for any of my beers that I would normally add candi sugar to. 

And now the recipe…

8lb Vienna Malt

4lb Pilsner Malt

1.5lb caramel

1oz Mt Hood 5.5aa 60m

1oz Styrian Goldings 3.4aa 20m

1oz Styrian Goldings 3.4aa 5m

White Labs WLP 500 Trappist ale yeast (1.5 quart starter)

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