And Now, the Trippel

This weekend I will be playing around with some stuff again.  I am set for a Belgian style trippel.  The fun part of this beer right now, I don’t have a recipe even written yet.  I have the idea of what I want it to be floating around in my head but nothing yet set in stone. 

I picked up the Trappist yeast and hops I intend to use and I will be making caramel at some point in the next few days … what’s this you ask?  Making caramel?  Yep, I will be caramelizing some sugar instead of using the candi rocks you can pick up at most home brew shops.  I am not sure how dark I will be making this caramel but I intend it to be the main color source for this beer. 

I also intend to use mostly pilsner and Vienna malt for the main portion of this beer.  I am not sure yet if I will use any other malts for color on this one.  Probably in the next couple days when I finally set up the recipe I will post it here for others to peruse. 

But for now, its time for a pint…

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