Tomato, Tomahto

I thought today I might actually talk about a couple different beers but then in my normal preparation, I encountered something that sent me in a slightly different direction.  Let me begin by saying how I go about my beer reviews.  First and foremost, I don’t really follow a numbers system.  I also don’t usually follow the formulaic method used by most other sites.  What I do when sampling is while tasting a beer I make notes on what does and doesn’t stand out about the beer.  Also as part of my sampling I try to find brewery tasting notes for the beer or hopefully a good story on the back of the bottle.  I generally want to know the beer from the brewers perspective as well as my own. 

While doing some searching for a couple beers I sampled last night I ran across a few popular ratings sites.  What I found served to reinforce the way I do my own beer reviews.  More often than not, many of the people that do reviews on certain sites are doing 1 of two things.  They are either playing tag along on previous reviews or they are rating beers based on what they think the beer should be instead of by what the style of the beer claims to be. 

I am not saying that this is either good or bad (I can’t make that decision for you).  But I do pose the question, can you honestly say that Joe Hophead’s view on blah blah amber not having enough hops in it, is a true characteristic of the style?  (Do I sound a bit pretentious right now?)

Honestly, drink what you love, sample everything, cause life is too short to be stuck with just one crappy beer…

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