First Impressions

Both Lavender Mash and Dirty Rotten Scoundrel (Vienna Lager) were transferred into secondary today. In the Lavender Mash the herb came out amazing. In fact, it is almost overpowering. It would seem that I gave it enough at the end of the boil to shine through even through the primary. This one finished out at roughly 3.5%. So an incredibly herbal/ flowery session beer.

One thing I noticed was the clarity of the beer. It may be the yeast but up until this beer my beers have been somewhat cloudy still going into secondary. I am pretty sure that this is the result of the multi-step mash. I am anxious to brew again and see how the next one turns out.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel has come out nicely so far. The black pepper has blended almost like I had used rye in the mash. It’s peppery without being over powering. This one finished out at 5.75%. Of course, this is the beer that made me realize I needed to change my mashing procedure (it should have finished out at 7%). Based on the flavor profile, I will be brewing this again when I get the multi-rest procedure down a little better.

With that said… lets go find a pint…

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