Farmhouse Hatter

In honor of Hatter Day at New Holland Brewing, Central City Tap House put 4 of the iterations of Mad Hatter on tap.  I managed to score a small sample of the Farmhouse Hatter.  Mind you, this was a small sample so this won’t be a huge review of it. 

The main thing I want to say is, wow!  The nose carried barnyard and hay.  The flavor notes though, pure Belgian yeast intermingling with American hops.  So often we find that breweries that brew up something Belgian they mostly stay close to the roots of the beers, without really changing something as simple as a hop profile.  The citrusy, resiny hop profile adds a new dimension to the flavor profile of this style.  I found it quite refreshing. 

My view, if you can find it, get some.  Its well worth your taste buds.

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