Trials and Tribulations

In the aftermath of Saturday’s brew session, I managed to get everything cleaned up yesterday afternoon.  I managed to realize a couple things during this time.  First and foremost I did end up with an efficiency I wasn’t all together happy with (60%, I was expecting closer to 75 or so).

I was thinking that maybe I really do need to jump to decoctions soon.  And then I realized that I did have quite a bit extra sparge water.  So, during the cleaning on my mash tun I drained out the excess.  I ended up with close to a gallon of free wort (stuff that I would have gotten still if I had continued draining the mash tun during the sparge).  When I checked the gravity of this stuff, I found it to have an OG of 1.030 (I could have made a mini beer). 

The biggest lesson I learned from this, when learning a new technique don’t try to do too much at once.  The sparge method I used was not my normal method and it cost me the precious sugars needed to hit my marks. 

My next brew day I will be doing this again.  I am thinking that I will use the same grain bill but change around the yeast and the hops.  I will most likely use the same infusion schedule.  Once I get the technique down I will start tweaking it more to see the changes that come about from different schedules. 

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