First Multi Rest

Tonight I am working on my first multi-rest infusion.  For the most part it has gone quite well.  The calculations I set up from the “How to Brew” book were fairly accurate but I can see a few adjustments I will be making on my next batch.  On that note here is a pic of the mash just before I started the sparge.  IMG_5460

This is probably one of the better mashes I have seen from my mash tun.  Needless to say I am pretty anxious to find the gravity of this wort.  When all is said and done this beer should be fairly interesting. 

The current working name is Lavender Mash.

5lbs Vienna Malt

2lbs Pilsner Malt

2lbs Marris Otter

.5lb Wheat malt

3oz Carafa II

1oz Fuggles 60m

1oz Styrian Goldings 20m

1oz Styrian Goldings 5m

and the finishing touch … 2 oz Fresh Lavender in the last 5 min

I will be fermenting this with WLP 862 Cry Havoc and if the Lavender fades too much I will hit it with a bit more in secondary. 

Who knows … this may start a trend…

Let’s find a pint and have some lavender thoughts

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