Change is good

I had the opportunity to try Gumball Head from Three Floyds brewing last night.  I won’t go into a review of it here, that’s already been covered quite extensively on other sites.  Although, I will say it is quite good.  If you run across an opportunity to get some, it is well worth your time.  The reason I even bring up the tasting may be even more important than the beer itself.  The thoughts the beer invokes are what really must be gained from this experience.

I realized I have brewed a similar beer to this in the past.  The main difference being the hops I used.  This of course leads to the next thought… stagnation.  I realized that for the most part I have a normal repertoire of ingredients I use in beers.  The interesting part of that is I would imagine that I am not the only person who does that.  Heck, in Germany it is pretty much a crime to change a classic recipe. 

The good part about this is, we can get really good at using these same ingredients.  The downside is, we tend to stop growing as brewers.  Sadly, as home brewers, we should embrace the opportunity to expand and grow that the multitude of ingredients offers us.  You may actually discover something new you didn’t even know you would love.

Let’s find a pint and think about change…

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