Continued Learning

I have been spending some time with the book “How to Brew” by John Palmer.  This isn’t my first time going through it.  But what I am finding right now is that my understanding for some of the techniques he describes, has greatly improved.  I feel like a light bulb turned on and illuminated the sections that before I mentally skipped over in a haze. 

I find the phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know” many times enters into all of our lives.  We all tend to go through our lives with blinders on, many times missing something that is staring at us dead on.  At some point there will be something that changes, no matter how big or small, and life gives us a smack to the back of the head (it’s a wake up call).  If you are lucky, you get that smack to the back of the head in time to do something about this new knowledge.  But then some of us can be pretty thick headed and not notice the subtle signs until its way too late (I am sort of talking about more than just brewing here, but then doesn’t brewing and beer really reflect our lives anyway?”). 

When all is said and done great beer (as opposed to just good beer) is really driven by more than just a solid recipe.  Experience and knowledge are very important factors in bringing out the best in your life, just as they are very important to the brewing of great beer. 

And with that thought, Tequila Sunset is now ready to drink … I think this calls for a pint

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