Surprise Surprise

I ended up at Salut today looking for something new.  As always, new isn’t always something you find.  Well that is until I was directed to a beer brand by the name of Baltika.  Brewed in St. Petersburg Russia, and a part of the Carlsberg Group.  Okies, you have my attention I must learn more. 

I picked up the number 3.  It is listed as a classic lager and sits a bit proudly at 4.8%.  The appearance is great very pale with a beautiful head.  The flavor is subtle, sweet malt, very light hop presence.  It gives you just enough that you want to drink more to get a better idea of what’s going on. 

Checking out the Carlsberg Group website, I found that this beer is essentially a national beer of Russia.  Personally, I find that a little odd.  I feel that something more akin to a hearty stout or a hearty bock would be a more fitting drink in Russia.  But in the end, this really is a decent beer.  I know I wouldn’t turn down another pint or three of it. 

But now, its time for a pint…

2 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise

  1. I will have to look for that. It's sad but in my experience, Russia is one of the countries I have really not heard too much about aside from Imperial stouts and Baltic porters.

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