The Joy of Mashing

The story I keep hearing is that lager malts are much better modified than they used to be in the past.  They can be infusion mashed with no problems.  So then, why is it I continuously get a lower yield than anticipated when I use them? 

Based on personal experience, I am just going to say the heck with it and through caution to the wind.  My next beer using lager malts will be decoction mashed.  It will be an interesting brew day but I really do think its time to start playing around with some new techniques. 

On a side note, Dirty Rotten Scoundrel is fermenting nicely.  I find it interesting to see the difference between the vigor of ale yeast in full swing and lager yeast.  Its funny, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.  I am anxious to sample the finished beer. 

Lets grab a pint, maybe soon we’ll discuss the joys of decoction…

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