Vienna Lager

Although it is Memorial Day, I find myself working.  Well, can you really call it work?  Today I am brewing my Vienna Lager (Dirty Rotten Scoundrel).  The idea for this beer came about from the name itself.  I was thinking of the movie one night and it hit me that I could find an interesting beer from the title.  Ya, I had the name before I had the beer (this rarely happens). 

The beer is a Vienna Lager but with a little bit of a twist.  I will be spicing it with a bit of black pepper and then it will pretty much be a double when all is said and done.  I kinda like the idea of a peppery malty lager with a bit of a kick.  And yes I did say lager.  Unlike my previous lager like beers, this one will be a true lager.  I am putting the new future kegerator to work.  It is starting its life as a lager unit. 

Well now back to it… its time for a pint

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