On the road to more draught beer…

I know have the fridge in place for my next kegerator.  As always at times like this I find there is more that I now need to do.  Aside from the build out on the kegerator itself, I am thinking I will rearrange the brewery and make an actual bar area.  Imagine, 6 taps right there in my own home (honestly, is that wrong?). 

My current plan is to pick up parts for the build out a little at a time.  This will leave me some time to use the new (new to me anyway) fridge as a lagering space.  With that in mind the brew I was planning for this weekend is now going to be a Vienna style lager instead of a close proximity (through yeastly subterfuge).  This will be my first actual lager (until now I have been working within the range of specialty yeast to get as close as possible).  Its interesting to see how just one thing can open up a whole new realm of possibility for you. 

On that note, I have been enjoying the current version of my pub ale.  The use of the London ale yeast has really brought the peppery spice of Fuggles hops into its own.  Of the current iterations I do believe that I prefer the London yeast over the Irish yeast (although I will be sampling an Irish yeast version shortly).   The London is a nice clean malt with strong peppery hop backbone.  Such a nice pint of draught bitters, it makes me wonder how it would come out on cask (yet another project for the brewery… Imagine 6 taps plus at least one cask ale all in my home brewery).

Its time for another pint… I have beer samples to work through (my life is rough)…

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