American Craft Beer Week

This year Craft Beer Week started off on its best foot for me.  I went up to Grand Rapids on Monday to drop off samples for the Arbor Brewing Company home brew contest and to pick up my score sheets for the Siciliano’s contest. 

Aside from the accident that caused a huge traffic jam on 131 on our way up to GR and then finding that the new home brew shop O’Connors was closed, the trip turned out to be one of my favorites yet.  The reasoning for this is actually something pretty substantial in my eyes.  It turns out that my Irish Rye scored me a gold medal this year.  And let me tell you, it’s a great feeling when something like that happens. 

I will be making a trip back up to GR sometime soon and will be making a full tour of O’Connors at that time.  If what I could see through their windows is any indication of the whole shop, they may just be one of the best shops around. 

And now to find myself a pint…

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