Bottling and other strangeness…

Although it saddens me, I managed to bottle up a case each of the current Northern Brown and the Magic 8 Ball Oatmeal Stout.  I was actually afraid I wouldn’t get that much from each keg.  I have been enjoying them on draft so much that I really didn’t think there was that much left. 

On a side note, I probably won’t keg the Tequila Sunset till Wednesday.  With beer left in those two kegs and the Bitters I just don’t have the room yet.  (Of course this means I still have draught brown and stout to drink… YAY ME). 

Looking ahead, beer wise I do have a number of options I should explore.  I am not sure the direction I will be going just yet so I won’t go to far into those options right now.  Equipment wise, I do think it is getting time to add in another kegerator.  Honestly, how do people without draught beer at home survive.  I mean seriously, its rough for me when I just don’t have enough taps, and I have essentially three right now. 

Ah well, its time for a pint…

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