Important notice

  I found this important enough to pass on.  Home brewers are more often than not strong supporters of both craft breweries and brew pubs. 


Last year State Representatives Douglas Geiss and Deb Kennedy co-sponsored HB 5613, a bill that would have modified existing legislation to allow homebrewers to hold meeting, competitions and exhibitions at Michigan microbreweries and brew pubs. Unfortunately the bill did not get approved.

After discussing the bill’s intent with the Chairman of Regulatory Reform, Mr. Hugh D. Crawford, Mr. Geiss has re-introduced the bill.

Mr. Crawford has specifically requested a summation of who is in support of this bill. So, I am asking you to consider doing two things.

First, go to . There you will see the bill in its entirety. Next, go to . There you will find a brief survey for Michigan homebrew clubs, homebrew supply stores, microbreweries and brew pubs. Please take 2-3 minutes and fill this out. There is even an “other” category for anyone else related to or interested in homebrewing (think perhaps better craft beer sales outlets, restaurants, politicians, and other influencers).

Second, if you feel so motivated, send a letter of support to State Representative Douglas Geiss at indicating why you support this bill, and he will share your responses with Lansing. I have attached my letter to him in the event you want to have some thought starters.

We need this feedback by Friday, May 20th!

Please forward this on to anyone who you know that you think would support this bill, and consider dropping a personal email to State Rep. Geiss voicing your support. I have attached my letter for reference.

Thank you, and hopefully we can make this happen and soon enjoy a club meeting (legally) with our craft brewing brethren. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My personal email is


Chris Frey
American Homebrewers Association Governing Committee Chairperson
Brewers Assocaition Board of Directors
Ann Arbor Brewers Guild – Treasurer
Fermental Order of Renaissance Draughtsmen

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