Tequila Sunset

It must be May.  TS won’t be ready for Cinco De Mayo but at least I am brewing it around the right time.  I went slightly different on this batch.  I ended up raising the amount of wheat used by a pound and then I used Marris Otter as the pale malt (which I reduced by a pound).  Basically it should essentially be the same beer, but the malt backbone is slightly changed.  I also did a change to the way I sparged the wort.  For the first time, I actually made a differentiation between my first and second runnings.  I drained the mash tun for first runnings before sparging with hot water and collecting the second runnings.  (In the past I would just run straight into sparging after recycling till clear). 

I can’t wait to see how the final product turns out based on these changes.  Hopefully it only enhances the flavor profile. 

To me this is part of the joy of homebrewing.  I can take the time to experiment and drink the changes I make in a brew. 


Its time for a pint…

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