To ESB or not to ESB

Its brew day again.  Tonight I will be working on a bitter, but I am a bit torn.  Will I make an ESB or will I simply make a special bitter.  As always I am a fan of working in the range of lower alcohol, if only because so few do it anymore.  In that regard I think I may actually do that.  Of course, this one will remain a single hop beer, I do so love the effect of Fuggles on a brew.  Shouldn’t take too much work for me to reconfigure the recipe to get the numbers I will want. 

In other news, the mead is coming along nicely.  Well, at least as far as I can tell by the fermentation bubbles.  I have no plans to actually check the batch till next week when I transfer it to secondary.  Looking ahead, I am anxious for the time when I add the oak.  I am thinking that probably the last two weeks of conditioning for this mead will be the time it sits on oak. 

I managed to pick up agave nectar recently, so I will be brewing up Tequila Sunset on my next brew day (in 2 weeks).  Although it won’t be ready for cinco de mayo at least I will most likely be brewing it around then. 

While we think of future beers…  It is coming time to brew up some Rum Rebellion again as well.  I have some oak I may as well find beers to make its home in. 

Too much beer, not enough time…

Let’s find us a pint to explore…


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