Mead Day

In an effort to give me a little time off I am making mead today.  By time off I mean I won’t have to transfer anything in a couple weeks.  I won’t even have to bottle anything.  I love how meads can take a bit of time to do their thing.  The mead will be a dry mead that I will be aging on oak.  It should finish out around 12%. 

Currently I am working on bottles.  I have need to clear out a keg to get the brown conditioning.  Of course the two cases of empties I am working with right now have labels still.  Extra soak time to clean off the label goo. 

Looking to the future, I found the agave nectar that I use in the Tequila Sunset.  I had thought that it may be lost forever.  So now it has made its way back into the brew docket.  I also think it is coming time again to brew up the ESB.  As always, it seems that my work is never ending. 


And now… its time for a pint

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