As always it is that time again…

The bottling never seems to end.  Today I will finally be clearing out the keg of Dunkleweizen so I can put Magic 8 Ball on and get it conditioning.  I have two cases of bottles ready to go.  Most likely I will have some bottles left so I can get a few Irish Ryes bottled as well as some of the Double Pils.  To add to the day, it is also time to transfer the brown (notice I didn’t bother to capitalize the brown… browns are so boring). 

I have been helping a couple of the guys from work start brewing.  They are currently working a bit of extract and extract with grain.  Its great to see the enthusiasm they have for creating the beers they want to drink, I just hope that its still there when the reality of how much work aside from just the creation is needed to make great beer.  Reality rears its ugly head every time you realize you have to sanitize bottles … again (among all the other mundane tasks that are part of the unglamorous side brewing). 

I am thinking that I will be finally making a mead again this coming weekend.  Its been quite some time since my last one and I now only have one bottle left.  This of course, is no where I like to be with anything I keep in my cellar.  My plan is for this one to be a dry mead aged on oak.  I really like the mix of vanilla and honey that comes from a mead aged on oak.  Sadly, it won’t be ready till around this time next year (makes me glad I have beers ready to drink now). 

I think I need to start a new building project soon.  Motorizing the malt mill has been one of the top projects for some time now but I am not sure if that is what I need next (though it probably is).  I have also wanted to set up the brew tower for quite a while, though that is probably one of the bigger projects that will remain on the back burner for a long time. 

Enough of this for now… its time for a pint

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