The things that occupy our time…

It seems like its been a really long pause since the last time I was able to sit at the keyboard. But I have been keeping up with the fairly constant of writing on brew days.

So during the past few weeks we have run across a few things (bottling, kegging, drinking holidays etc…). The first I will touch on is St. Patricks day. I know I tend to be in the minority but I really don’t care about drinking on Pat’s day. To me it will forever be an amateur holiday and I don’t want to link myself in with those who drink solely because they feel they are living up to some mythical ideal. (call me an elitist if you wish but I have to have some principles don’t I). Mind you I have made it a tradition now that I will drink an Irish Rye to commemorate the day. This year I had one plus Brigid’s Irish red from Arcadia (on cask the way I prefer anything from Arcadia). Brigid’s is a tasty treat that is unmistakably Arcadia. I have also sampled Great Lakes Brewing’s Irish Red. Another well done Irish that I was happy to find placed before me.

And now we find ourselves on brewing Sunday. So far today I have spent a short bit of time helping a couple friends get set up for brewing (they be going big; Imperial IPA). The recipe was created on the fly at Bell’s general store. By my calculations it should end up around 9ish percent and real close to 100 IBU.

Currently, I am at the mashing stage for the Northern Brown. This is the second brewing of this beast. I have changed it up slightly by using a different yeast strain. My plan is to do a bit of a side by side comparison between the first batch and the current batch. I’ll probably sneak a bit of the Irish Rye in there too just to get a three way cross comparison (really its just an excuse to drink more beer).

A little later this week I will be bottling the rest of the Dunkleweizen. I have to make some room to get the Oatmeal stout on and carbing up. Its a viscious cycle … have to drink more beer to free up the bottles to free up the kegs to free up the car boy to brew more beer that I will need to drink (can we say life is hard?).

Ah well, its time to find me a pint and finish up some brewing…

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