Magic 8 Ball…

It is that time again. I have a need for some Magic 8 Ball and I am gonna fill it. I have just finished dough in and I am right on with my target temps. I will be doing some minor experimenting with the sparge again tonight. I want to see what happens when I lower the amount of sparge water (seems logical… less water = less wort at the end). I am also planning to do a much slower sparge. Even though I am filling the mash tun by hand my thoughts say I should still end up with a better extract yield. I would like to get my percentage up to 75. Higher yield means a higher sugar ratio (more booze potential for those uninitiated).

Its odd, I haven’t wanted coffee in years but I do enjoy this beer. Even stranger, I have never liked iced coffee. I just had a cool idea for an Irish coffee using a good stout like Magic 8 Ball.

I think I might be looking at doing the Saison on the next brew day. I have been mulling over some possibilities of what I might put out there. Looking at the recipe I set up originally it seems a bit hum drum. But then, some times it is the simple and mundane that can make the biggest impact. I guess I have a few decisions to make before the next time I brew.

And on that note, I do love the smell of dark grains as they sit in the mash tun. And soon we shall hear the happy burp of yeast feasting on sugar making the elixer of life and joy in our world (does that seem a little pompous?)

Time for a pint…

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