Goose Island and other stuffs

Goose Island came to the Central City Taphouse last night for a beer dinner. I hear the food went over well and the pairings worked out great (now I was busy cooking, so I am only saying this part to let you know that it happened.)

This is where it gets interesting for me. Our normal night ends with cooks at the bar having a beer and writing out prep lists for the following day. I ended up with a pint of the Pepe Nero. Reading the tasting notes for the beer today, I am even more impressed with it. Its a fantastic juxtaposition between dark roast malt and lightness of a saison. The rye does what I have continuously found rye to do, enhances the power of the hops. In this case rye which brings out a peppery note of its own adds to the spiciness of the Saaz hops.

The bonus for this night was that Kristopher Krause (state manager for Goose Island) was still at the bar for the after party of the beer dinner. After introductions we spent a bit of time talking beer and the state of things. One of the beers we talked about was Honker’s ale.

Honker’s was my introduction to Goose Island, the same for many people. For some it stops there. (ooo epiphany) Its like dating. You meet someone and look at their surface layers and decide if you want to get to know them better. Honker’s and 312 are their surface layers. When you start delving into Goose Island’s vintage line of beers you find that you are developing a relationship possibly something long term. I know for me I always like to return to what caught my initial interest. Honker’s is such a well done pub ale that I am always happy to find it available. (As a side note, I do find that being able to produce a good example of an ESB is a hallmark of good craft. Its the ability to reproduce a classic style that forms the lynchpin of branching out into other interpretations of styles.)

And now on to other thoughts…

I will be brewing up Magic 8 Ball oatmeal stout again this weekend. I do have this odd feeling like I am busy but not busy all at the same time again. The double pils is sitting and chillin, getting ready for its debut. The Irish rye is carbing up. And I still have Dunkleweizen and the American Wheat on tap. Beer is good…


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