Darkhorse brewing

I made a quick trip out to Darkhorse earlier today. If you haven’t been to their taproom yet, it is well worth the trip.

At first glance it seems a bit rundown and misabused. But then when you sit and start with your pint you find what at first seemed kinda divey is actually more homey. Personally, I fell in love with their tap handles. Basically, what seems like a bunch of odds and ends are used. One of the taps is even a dolls head. I was taken aback to see the PBR handle until I saw the hand written sign on the patron side “Not.”

As always the best part of going into the taproom of a brewery is the access to beers you will not find anywhere else. My beer of choice today was West Michigan Ale. It is a mix of Rye IPA and a Brown. It was a great beer (mind you I am a sucker for rye). The spiciness of the rye complemented the maltiness of the brown nicely. I spent a little bit just trying to pin point where the flavors were coming from. The hops were the hardest find, a resin backbone that supported the spicy rye and roasted malts.

It was a great visit, but now its time for a pint or two…


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