Brooklyn 1 and other stuffs…

I finally picked up the special release of Brooklyn 1. No thanks to Gary who never got me the tasting notes for it, I am finally experiencing it first hand. I dare say I quite like it. It poures with a volumunous rocky head of foam and the flavors are just fantastic. The beer lives up to the hype on the bottle. The nose is very belgian yeasty. After you work your way through the foamy head and get to the beer itself you find a nice spicy, malty liquid that begs for another drink. It is rich and malty while still refreshing and light. I find myself realizing yet again that Brooklyn is a fantastic brewery that focuses solely on the beer and not on gimmicks.

(And here is the segway)

I on the other hand have now gone a little gimmicky. I am currently brewing a double pilsner. Yep, it follows very much in a bohemian pilsner style but then I up the ante and power it with a massive amount of hops, malt, and (dare I say it) demerara sugar to keep the body light and refreshing. I have the hopes that this one will finish out around 8 or 9%. It should be a pretty big beer.

At this time I have now finished the Brooklyn and have moved on to the initial tastings of the Dunkelweizen. I had a bit earlier today and found it quite nice with banana and clove notes and nice roasted malt. Now after the Brooklyn I get smokey notes. Its amazing how your taste buds can change based on what you have sampled. I do believe that this dunkel is much better than the one from last year.

The WEB (World Expo of Beer) is coming up again. This year I dropped off the Kolsch, Oatmeal stout, and the Northern English Brown. As always (cause I can do no wrong) I am pretty confident that these beers should make a fantastic showing. The Oatmeal Stout was claimed to be the best that some testers had ever had. So we shall keep our fingers crossed and all that.

And now, its about time for another pint…

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