Measurements and Gravities…

I transfered the Irish Rye to secondary today. I knew that I had gotten a slightly better yield than expected on the night I brewed it. It was when I was overflowing my carboy when I realized that I had way more beer than I originally expected. Doing some new calculations I actually ended up with much better efficiencies than I originally thought.

Sadly, I lost probably a half gallon or so of beer (had to make some room in the carboy). And I find a new problem (considering this is not the first time this has happened), I need to reassess my water calculations. I guess my next brew should confirm that I am getting roughly the efficiencies I am thinking I am. This also goes to show that without site glass to show how much wort I am actually working with, I really am playing it by ear.

If everything is working like it appears to be, I may have reached a new milestone. It will be great to lower some more costs, ya I am pretty simple. Lowering costs in the brewery makes me happy. I do so like drinking good beer for less.

This brings me to this weekend. I am planning to brew an imperial helles this weekend. If my efficeincies are going the way I am thinking, it will make it much easier to get the extract levels I want for this beer. I am looking to hit around 8 or 9% in the final beer. Of course, I won’t complain too much if it comes out higher. Should be an interesting beer when its done.

Anyway, I need another pint.

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