Great beer is meant to be shared

We all know what tomorrow is (or today depending on when this posts)…

Traditionally, we have been brought up on VD being a day for wine and candle lit dining. Women, as we have been led to believe most of our lives, don’t drink beer. It isn’t graceful or pretty. It is the drink of the slobbish man and only working class men at that.

Keep in mind that I did grow up in a time when all we really had were the big 3 and beers like what they brewed. In that light it is easy to see why, when it comes to romance, there really are only two choices. Wine, the drink of the genteel and refined, and of course liquor (well, liquor is quicker they say). As we all know, booze is easy to hide in all manner of drink concoctions, so you can get blitzed on something akin to perfume with no trouble at all.

But really, what are we all afraid of? Is it because all we have known are flavorless impersonations of beer? Or maybe the occasional “malt beverage” that masquerades as something that it could never hope to be? I dare say the reality is, we just don’t know any better.

On this Hallmark holiday of sharing something special with your loved one, maybe we should all take the time to share something of ourselves (the tastes we have come to love and enjoy) with those we love. Explain why you find the tastes enjoyable. You could even make a game of it. Take the time to go to a knowledgeable purveyor and find a nice assortment and do a blind tasting together and find what you both enjoy. At the very least you may just find a shared interest. You may even learn something about your own taste buds at the same time.

But enough of this for now… I’m drinking meade tonight…

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