Irish Rye the return…

So tonight brew night returns again. Superbowl Sunday, a night of football and beer. It seems fitting for me to brew tonight then (of course any night is fitting as a brew night). And now I am beginning the brew cycle (at least I think I finally have it figured out). The kickoff is the Irish Rye. The favorite in my stable and appropriately timed with St. Patty’s day just around the corner. So far its going good. I raised my dough in temp slightly (about 3 degrees) to fight the temp loss I was getting while heating the strike water in my cold garage. Seems to have worked out quite well. After breaking up the grain clumps I was pretty much spot on for my infusion temp.

I am sticking completely to the original recipe for this batch, including the yeast. I think the original recipe was the best. At this time I don’t think I have any current recipes that I want to experiment with anymore. There are a few more recipes I want to work on, but those won’t happen till I have done the cycle I am starting now. I start to panic a little when my stocks run low (considering low to me is anything less than 8 to 10 cases of assorted beverages).

I do plan to do a meade again soon. It will probably have to wait till after we get tax money back though. Its just a bit hard to work anything extra into the cycle once I start it. I do believe that the meade will age with oak for a bit. Although I am not certain if it will solely be oak or possible a flavored oak (ie wine or distilled spirit).

This is my 100th post. Its cool to find that I have made it this far, even if its only for my own amusement. Maybe one day we will see my 1000th post. Now with that said, I toast to the future… Its time for a pint!

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