FMCG or other things to vex and perplex us…

I just spent some time updating myself on the world known as the blogosphere or at least in my case the small corner of the beerosphere I tend to enjoy exploring. And with that I now share with you some of the joy and oddness I have encountered.

First off, the acronym FMCG, knowledge is never something to toy with. I want to say this is wholly something British but in the end the concept transports itself into the US marketing approach as well. What is it, you may ask? Fast Moving Consumer Goods, I found it quoted by the president of AB-Inbev UK in an interview about the (wait for it) Stella Cidre. Yah, they are making “first step” inroads into the cider market (at least in the UK). Cause you know, no other brewery or cidery has ever made a cider before. But I digress, yah, AB- Inbev doesn’t have beers or even beverages… they have consumer goods. As always, I can’t mock the beer but I will forever mock the business practices and how they view their “consumer goods.”

And again another view of business practices… It would seem that there is a good chance that AB-Inbev may be bringing SAB-Miller into the fold. Imagine that, rivals making nice-nice to battle the evil crafties that threaten their power base. When we look in the eyes of the behemoth do we possibly see fear? Is there a chance that Goliath’s poker face has begun to sweat a little?

And now for a tasting…

I am sampling the current run on the American Wheat finally. It isn’t quite the beer I originally brewed (with the first batch) but in the end it isn’t a bad beer either. Although the orange notes are not as prominant as I would have preferred, the hopiness is great. It’s almost a wheat pale ale, and so easy to drink. The wheat notes a fantastic, balanced by the citrussy Cascade hops. It is definately a great refresher for hot summer days or better yet for a long night at work where you feel like you have been wrung through a meat grinder and you smell entirely of burning wood and you just don’t feel like moving anymore…

I have had a fear lately that some of my beers may bear to close a resemblance to each other. Case in point is this wheat to my IPA. But really, the IPA is well balanced with citrussy and resiny hops where the Wheat doesn’t even touch the resin of the IPA. Its kinda cool to look at it as a place for everyone. There is big bold flavors but in the end they all touch a different place in your cravings so that you have so many choices and you can find the one that fits your mood and desires at any given time.

Speaking of desires… I desire another pint…

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