Random thoughts…

I remember a time in my life (although I was too young to drink… perish the thought) when there weren’t as many breweries as there are now. Actually, this thought comes out a bit prematurely. I should have started by saying I was reminded of some beer commercials from when I was younger. Of course, at the time there were really only a few breweries that most people even know about. I almost wanna say that at this time Coors wasn’t even coming to Michigan. But we did have Hamms, that came from the land of sky blue waters (the bear in those commercials was great).

But I digress. Where was I going with all this? Oh ya, I was watching one of the early seasons of Saturday Night Live. Robin Williams was the host. The first skit was a commercial for Buddweiser Light (yes it is spelled incorrectly). I wanna say I am surprised they didn’t get hit with copyright infringement (considering the massive amount of such trivial things we encounter now). The scene was a hockey face off and they even used the song that went with the real commercials. I remember the song from the commercial being one that went with others as well. Most memorable was around Christmas time with the clydesdales.

The interesting thing to think about is that as we become a craft beer nation it is easy to forget where we came from. We may rail against the big breweries for being evil and pushing their product upon us with their multimillion dollar advertising campaigns, but they are still a part of our history. We can’t take were we are now for granted. Although for most of our history we have not had a varied beer culture, we still have had a strong beer culture. And even at one time those evil big breweries were just as much craft beer as the small companies that are springing up today.

We stand upon a precipice. Do we forget ourselves and step over they edge where others before us have gone? Or do we learn from such examples and find our own identities and maintain the integrity we formed when we first began? This is true no matter the size of your brewery (or any industry for that matter). I guess in the end you must find what it is you stand for and be prepared to continuously give yourself gut checks to insure you maintain your integrity.

Thats way too much thought now… Its time for a pint…

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