Back at it…

Tonight I undertake the Dunkleweizen. I made some minor recipe changes based on ingredients on hand. But nothing too drastic. I find more and more that there are beers that I really enjoy at certain times of the year. Of course, historically, brewers long before me figured that out already. When this beer is ready, deep into winter, it will be the perfect time for a nice dark beer. Considering the base of this one is wheat, it is a nice easy drinking beer as well. This is probably another reason why I am thouroughly enjoying the brown right now. Its cold and snowy out, something warming and rich really hits the spot. I am still leaning toward the wheat bock next week. It should be another good beer to fight off the winter blahs.

I did a side by side comparison of the Irish rye to the Northern brown. I was feeling that they could be too close in similarities and could be mistaken for the same beer. It helps that I have them both on tap right now. What I found was, although they are fairly similar in appearance (I still want to work on the color of the rye), flavor wise they are definately different beers. Just the simple fact of the rye is a major component to keep them seperate. Currently, they are fermented with different yeasts. But when I brew the rye again it will be with the correct yeast (the same as the brown) and even then I am pretty sure there are enough differences to really keep them seperated. I really don’t want to brew beers that are interchangeable for each other.

Its time for another pint…

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