Making space…

I find I really could use another kegerator right now. Even with taking a small break from brewing (which became longer than intended), I find myself with quite a bit of beer on hand. Its been a serious effort of bottling to clear out kegs so I can move beers around. As it is right now, I still have three beers kegged and a beer that needs to get kegged. Sadly, I only have room for three kegs in the kegerator. The nice part about all this, I now have a good amount of cases of bottled beer to choose from.

So I still have plenty of work to do. I plan to brew the Dunkleweizen on Sunday. I haven’t had the time I wanted to prep up yeast yet. If I can work it out right, I might be able to get the last of the Irish rye bottled tomorrow so I can get the American wheat kegged and carbing up. At that point I will have Emo IPA and the Northern English brown on tap. Speaking of which I did some sampling on the brown earlier. I like it, but I’m not ready to give a full run down on it yet. I will have to wait till I have a fresh sample in my hand so I can have it fresh in my mind as I write about it.

I haven’t as yet set into print my definate brewing schedule for the next month or so. I am torn in the direction I am thinking I should go. Informally I want to brew some wheat bock, and saison, but I also have a need to brew the Irish rye again the right way. I feel the last brewing of it just didn’t do it enough justice.

In that light, I have found that the Irish ale yeast that I like for the Irish Rye works quite well with my ESB recipe and with the Northern Brown recipe. The ESB is definately not like any English ESB you might find. The Irish ale yeast gives it an interesting complexity that can easily throw you for a loop when you first taste it.

And now after all that I think I may go find myself a pint of the Brown ale anyway…

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