Thoughts on the Kolsch…

Here I am, multitasking of course, watching some anime(Moribito (which is a well done one)), playing Emerald Empire on facebook and drinking some Kolsch. I find myself liking it more and more. At first I thought maybe I hopped it a little too much. But I am finding lately that it is more based on snap judgements when I sample a beer I brewed for the first time. This one isn’t the kolsch I have had from other brewers (commercial). But not being the same as those around you does not make something inherently bad.

What I do find though is I am more surprised at how malty the beer is, especially when I look at how pale the color is. Also, at first all I was tasting was the hops (hallertau). They seemed almost too bitter for the beer. But as I delve deeper into exploration of the pint in front of me I find that the bitterness of the hops intermingles with the maltiness of the grain, blending in such a way to complement and enhance the flavors of each other. Granted if you are a person that finds a mass market light lager to be the ultimate in what beer is all about, you will not like this beer. But for those of us who enjoy full flavored beers, the kind that give you enough substance to really think about what is in your pint glass, the kolsch is pretty nice. It is low enough in alcohol that you won’t get your heiny kicked (4.5%), and flavorful enough that you won’t wanna drink just one.

With all that said, I think its time for another. I am not yet done exploring this beer.

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